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Textilagentur Schotte, Germany
International textile agency with a wide range of products
for the clothing industry
- fabrics for women, men and kids -

Further we offer the creation and production
of knit-wear as desired:
- sweaters, jackets, dresses, trousers, skirts, twinsets etc. -

Production of high-quality knitted garments, leatherwear and leather bags on request.

Our partners:

Very price aggressive fashionable and innovative Dob collection Indoor, Coucle, Chanel, interesting cotton mixtures, crash effects

Fashionable Jacquard/Print collection with consumer pricing. Very fast and flexible. Supports the development of Jacquards based on own designs. Monteoliveto is a modern, fully integrated company with knitting, weaving, bleaching and printing equipment.

Textum SRL:
Specialist for cottonqualities and mixtures as well as linon and stretch. All article available in PPT. Cheap prices. Also prints possible.

Products of micro fibres of the series of Belseta,
Polarskin, Peletta and Fun Fur for
ladies’ and men’s clothing.
High quality fabrics in synthetics and mixtures.

Etruska - Il Panda:
Young fashionable lady collection
- weave and jersey articles.

High quality cashmere specialist for Dob and Haka. The cashmere articles are equipped in Biella.
Very price aggressive and flexible. Customer wishes are handled fast and reliable.

Products: Hooks and bars.

Reynaud Rexo/ Ulysse Pila:
Silk/Polyester and Jacquard specialist from France, very flexible.

Tema Jersey:
Very interesting pricing for fancy Jersey qualities and Dob and Haka.

Fashionable Jersey specialist from Italy, Dob and Haka.

Ifansi Doumas:
Fashionable Dob collection from Greece. Main focus on Jersey but also interesting webarticles. A lot of articles on stock and ready for instant shipping. Very interesting pricing. Price ranges from 2,80 euro to 5 euros.

Young fashionable print collection from Turkey with a very good service. Rotary printing or Inkjet print possible. Very interesting pricing.

Carlo Bassetti srl:
Premium quality but interestingly priced shirt and blouse fabric specialist with a huge NOS program (beginning from 60 mtr). Coloured fabric, Jacquards, Filafil, Prints, Denim.

You can find links to most of the partners here!

Marketing area:
At present we visit you in the following areas:


‘A.G.M. DI ACCIAIOLI E C. SRL’ whole Germany, Austria,

‘Breschi’ whole Germany,

‘Textum SRL’ whole Germany, Austria and Switzerland,

‘Monteoliveto’ in whole Germany,

‘J.L. de BALL’ in Baden-Wuerttemberg, South Bavaria,

‘Etruska - Il Panda’ in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland and Austria,

‘Gutos’ Lower Franconia

‘Reynaud Rexo/ Ulysse Pila’ in South Germany, Berlin and Austria

‘Ifansi Doumas’ in Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Austria

‘Carlo Bassetti srl’ in South Germany, Austria and Switzerland

All regions

All regions.

You can visit us at the following fairs:

München - ‘View’
 July 17th - July 18th, 2018

München - ‘Munich Fabric Start’
 September 4th - September 6th, 2018

Mailand - ‘Milano Unica’
July 10th - July 12th, 2018

Paris - ‘Première Vision’
September 19th - September 21th, 2018

Berliner Visionen - ‘Berliner Visionen’
February 21st - February 22nd, 2018

Schloss Haigerloch - ‘Südstoff’
February, 28th, 2018

Munich - ‘Stoffmünchen’
March 05th, 2018

Aschaffenburg - ‘Musta’
March 7th, 2018

For further information please do not
hesitate to contact us:

Textilagentur Schotte
Carsten-Jens Schotte
Dr.-Karl-Reus-Strasse 47
D-63834 Sulzbach-Soden
phone: +49-(0)-6028-994884
fax: +49-(0)-6028-994885
mobil: +49-(0)171-5106633


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